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What’s Happening…Grande Prairie’s economy booms and the Association’s memory of the 1980’s ‘boom-bust’ is a cautionary note.

Recycle PLUS stretches from Fort Assiniboine, just north of Edmonton, to Northeastern BC, prompting the title “The largest recycling program in the world”. The second bottle depot, PLUS 2, is built and the Association increasingly has to supplement ‘flat-line’ financial support for client’s services. The ‘boom’ economy plays havoc with costs on every front. For the Association this will manifest itself in the biggest challenge of the decade… how to field a full staff contingency. It will be a problem shared with every other business and human service agency in northern Alberta.

From the closing of Barrydale Dormitory forward the belief is that the need for a children’s residential service would fade. It’s not to be. Children with increasingly complex challenges are growing up in the community now and the 2000’s sees construction of a new children’s residence on 62 Ave.

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