Kay Whiteman

Kay Whiteman’s life is celebrated here with contributions from family and friends who remember her with love. Kay ‘s sister Brenda Whiteman featured Kay in her production of the “The Kay Stories”, six short films composed with fellow puppeteer Peter Stinson and produced by Red Smarteez Marionettes in Calgary AB.

Kathy Tretiak, Director of Residential Services at the Association, shared a close friendship with Kay.

Kay loved life. She was active and on the go. She had a refreshing sense of curiosity that I don’t often have the pleasure of seeing.

She loved colour, especially pink. Her love of colour showed in her clothing and her artwork. She painted, drew, created pictures with stencils and did ceramics.

Kay loved people, especially her family. Connections were very important to Kay. History was important to Kay. She had a gift for seeing possibilities, rather than limitations or flaws and taught me something about this.

Kay was a good friend. She acknowledged special moments in others lives just as she celebrated her own special moments.

Kay was my friend. We were born in the same year, celebrated each other’s birthdays and joked about who was older between June and September! We walked and talked, ate out and went to movies. We went to Bingo…just once, because quite frankly, I couldn’t keep up! Kay joined my family for supper and would sometimes play the piano. Many fond memories.

Kay was my teacher and I’ll be forever thankful to her for lessons on things like the right to risk or how boundaries and clear expectations are so important for some. For showing me that it’s all a matter of perspective, possibilities are everywhere; for her love of living and delighting in just being.

I miss her!

Mary Allen met Kay through a chance encounter that developed into a strong friendship.

If you had the opportunity of meeting Kay, you would never forget her. And, Kay would never forget you. Kay was probably the most "out there" kind of girl I ever knew. Kay loved people; her family and her friends were so very important to her. She loved life.

I first met Kay at a bus stop. I saw this red haired woman hurrying across the street and in her rush, slipped on the ice. She made it very obvious she was not happy about what had just transpired, but after a short while, introduced herself saying, "I am Kay Whiteman and who might you be?" I must admit I was a little taken back but there was something very neat about this lady.

Kay eventually came to live at a group home where I was working and in time, it became apparent that she required a different type of home. It was at that time, I requested that Kay come to live with me and upon approval, Kay packed all her things and made the journey to my home.

Kay lived with me for about two and a half years. She had many passions and among these were doing ceramics, painting, walking and of course, going for coffee. Her faith also was a huge part of her life. Every Sunday, someone from her church would pick her up. I suppose then, it was fitting that she would pass away on a Sunday morning. Her pastor mentioned that she would always be missed at the service because her voice was like an echo, as she was always a few words behind.

Even now, I will find myself doing something and a memory of what Kay would have said at that moment will be there. And, I have heard the same comment from others. How wonderful it is that Kay is remembered so strongly by so many people.

Kay's favorite song was "Angels Among Us", and I believe she is. I thank God for the opportunity of knowing this wonderful woman.

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