Shaun Morin

Renaissance man and gentleman are two terms that only begin to describe Shaun Morin. He prepares for our visit by making coffee and is there to open the door to the group home with a warm welcome. Shaun has high expectations of himself and explores his many talents with great enthusiasm. He can just as easily spend his spare time cooking, writing poetry or playing sports.

Shaun lived with his mom until he was fourteen and then moved on to live in a series of group homes until he came to live at the Association’s residences. Life in the group home has been good for Shaun. He says that the staff helps a lot with his diet and teaches him healthy eating habits.

Integrated into the public school system from his early years on, Shaun graduated from the Special Education program at the Composite High School. Shaun’s favourite school was Crystal Park, where there were two gyms to use, one large and one small. He liked to play sports after class whenever he had the time.

Shaun enjoyed his time at the High School but was annoyed at a student who would always steal his food at lunchtime. He studied art, math and reading as well as participating in a work experience program that was part of the Special Education curriculum. Through it, Shaun worked at a series of jobs from cleaning trucks to cleaning weights at the Leisure Centre, where he says he was hired “on the spot.”

Shaun currently works at Swan Industries. He likes working with all the different people there and enjoys stacking the wood. He also works in the housekeeping department at the Holiday Inn and helps with the banquets at the Barcelona restaurant. Shaun watches his budget carefully so that he can afford to go to concerts. He loves to dance and hang out with his friends.

Jan Paton, Residential Supervisor at the Association has known Shaun since his teen years. She is happy that he has found an outlet for his high energy by expressing his creativity. Jan sees theatre as Shaun’s calling, especially since he is such “a little heartthrob,” but acknowledges that he is also a visual artist, with a collection of drawings and paintings.

Shaun is also a good cook, with a special interest in gourmet recipes. And as if that wasn’t enough to fill his time, Shaun writes poetry. Jan describes him as very artistic and emotional. “That’s who he is.”

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