Bev Sloan

Bev Sloan hugs a large teddy bear as she talks about her day at the 96A St group home. She checks often with Residential Supervisor, Karen Reinitz, to see if Karen agrees with details or has anything to add. The teddy bear doesn’t leave her shoulder for a minute, even when she leaves the room to get her photo album.

Bev has a very close relationship with her Mom and has many photos with her in the album. “I like my mom. She’s nice.”

Bev proudly points out her favourite photos and turns some over to reveal her handwriting on the back. Writing is one of Bev’s favourite pastimes and she uses a unique style of intricate doodle-like characters to decorate pages in catalogues, photos and blank sheets of paper with her signature. Bev often joins Karen when it’s time to attend to the group home’s paperwork chores.

Karen describes Bev as a lady with a mind of her own. She says that Bev is also extremely good hearted and very sensitive, so much so that she gets upset with people on TV shows, so staff has to monitor what she watches to spare her the turmoil. Bev loves babies, cats and dolls.

Myriam Uribe recalls the year that she had planted tulips in the yard at the 101 Ave group home. Bev had gone outside into the yard and when Myriam went to check on her whereabouts, she was pleased and surprised to find that Bev had picked all the tulips to make a bouquet for her.

Staff at the Peace School of Hope wrote the following note about Bev upon her graduation.

Beverley Sloan is our little mother, tidying up and taking care of the little ones’ needs. She has made a step forward in her learning and always works quickly. Bev’s family lives in Spirit River and she lives in the new residence. Bev is interested in household activities and should do well in the home ec department of the workshop. We wish her happy progress there.

Bev remembers the dances that were a popular social activity for the Peace School of Hope students. Doreen Miller’s band, The Hawkes” played the music and Mrs. Miller made sure that there were several dances a year. Bev smiles when she remembers the fun she had. “We should go again.”

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