Laura Hook

Laura Hook sees the Association from many different viewpoints in the course of a day. From her desk in the building’s front office, she balances her office duties with interaction with employees, clients and visitors to the Association offices.

Laura was hired for a part time position at the Purolator drop centre, which was run out of the Association front office during the 1990s. She remembers it as an extremely busy time, especially during the holidays. The job expanded to include Association duties and eventually became full time for the Association when it no longer ran the drop centre. Now Laura is the Administration Clerk for the Association, working mainly with payroll and signing on new employees.

Laura joined the rest of the staff at a temporary office location during renovations to the main office building at 113 St. She remembers that it was very cramped quarters for the staff during that year and everyone was happy to return to the new renovated office building.

The Developmental Activities Program (DAP) used to be located in the back of the main office building and Laura enjoyed the interaction with the clients on a daily basis. Now that the program is relocated, she doesn’t see them as much as she used to and she misses the regular visits.

One of the clients used to come up to the front office from DAP several times a day, just to say hi and look out the front windows. Laura describes the “welcoming committee” that occurs as clients greet staff and visitors entering and leaving the building.

One time Laura took a longer than usual time to get out of her vehicle after pulled into the parking lot one morning. She says several clients came over to see what was holding her up and were anxious to see her get to the office.

Laura says that her children have become very comfortable with the disabled since they have had a chance to meet clients. Laura has also gained a better understanding of the handicapped from her experience working with the Association.

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