Lorne & Colleen Allain

Lorne and Colleen met while attending Association functions over a decade ago and have been married for fourteen years. Before they were married, Lorne was living at home and Colleen lived in one of the Association group homes.

Colleen’s sister, Bev McTaggart, is happy for the fact that her sister and Lorne were able to follow through on their relationship and marry. She says it is a normal process and there is no reason they shouldn’t share their lives as other couples do. A reception followed their church wedding and the couple enjoyed the support of families and friends who were “all for it” according to Bev.

Bev describes Colleen as a very social person and has been since her youth. She thrives with change and loves to be “out and about.” Colleen divides her time between several part time jobs including the Kid’s Place, A&W, Boston Pizza and the golf course. “Any day Colleen is out working, shopping or visiting with friends is a good day.”

Lorne works at Swan Industries. Bev says he is not very verbal and uses hand gestures to communicate for the most part because speech is difficult for him. “He gets his point across.”

As a couple, Lorne and Colleen have struck a good balance, each of their strengths and weaknesses complimenting those of the other. Colleen understands Lorne’s “voice” and takes the lead in situations requiring verbal skills but she depends on Lorne to take care of transportation arrangements when it comes to following bus routes etc.

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