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Newsletter graphicThe 1980s was a very social time within the Association. Staff participated in a variety of sports and events on a regular basis and furthered their connection by sharing news, photos and professional updates in an Association newsletter. The newsletter was edited by a team of employees and editorially driven by Lorne Grotkowski, Katherine Fleming and Judy Tremaine. Each issue followed a format that included Feature Articles in the front section. A selection of those articles is listed below.

Article (Click to open) Author Date
Bottle Depot Expansion Unknown Oct 1986
A Message From Barry Barry Bucknell Feb 1987
Personal Planning Process Katherine Fleming Apr1987
Community Integration - An Evolutionary Process Joe Gannon Jul 1987
The Developmental Activity Program (DAP) Joanne Wiens Oct 1987
Training and Employment Alternatives David Knutson Mar 1988
Excerpt of speech "Advocacy In The Pursuit of Community" Barry Bucknell Jun 1988
"The Other Place" David Knutson Mar 1989
Non-Consensual Sterilization Law Reform Commission of Canada Oct 1989

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