Sharon Millan

When Sharon Millan arrives at the Association offices it is easy to tell she is there because she announces her presence to people by starting to talk while she is still walking toward her destination. When someone answers her or enquires about what she is saying, then she elaborates and proceeds to tell her story or get her point across. Sharon takes part in classes on a regular basis and says she likes working in her math book.

Mother Bertha Millan says that, as a parent, she was lucky to have great community support while raising Sharon. Bertha has been a strong support for Sharon and Sharon loves her deeply.

Sharon has not changed much since she was a little girl, Bertha says. She is the oldest in the family and had a mind of her own. She loved to play with dolls and go for walks. And just like siblings everywhere, she and her brothers had the occasional fight.

The Millans live on a farm in Goodfair and Bertha says Sharon is happiest there. As a young girl she used to ride the pigs on the farm and often Bertha would have to go looking for her because she would end up too far from home. Bertha remembers that Sharon often ran away with the Doberman but would always return, the dog dragging her back home.

Association staff who have known Sharon over the years say she is very shy and finds it uncomfortable to socialize with groups of people. Her comfort level has improved over the years but she still prefers one to one activities. Sharon has an aide for her Day Program, which keeps her busy and happy because she likes what she is doing.

Sharon can be very thoughtful and has given gifts to people over the years. She cares about people and is always sad when staff leave. It takes time for her to feel comfortable with new people.

Sharon loves garage saleing and is very chatty with the vendors. She likes Costco for food testing. Her love of animals especially dogs, is the reason she is now involved with helping out at the SPCA and Petland.

On a given day Sharon might answer to Shania or Queen Bee rather than her own name because she likes to change her name regularly.

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