Joseph Nohat

Joseph Nohat moves his hands forward and places them on the table to display his rings, one on each hand. He is particularly proud of the skull shaped ring, pointing it out for emphasis. Joseph doesn't stop there. He points to his ballcap, decorated above the brim with a series of pins he won in a bowling tournament. "I bowl over 100," he adds proudly.

Joseph is the tallest in his family. His eyes are blue, just like his Dad's. Joseph says his Mom’s side has both blue and green eyes. Although his nickname is Edward, he says that his real name is Thunder. Joseph keeps busy all day and "stays out of trouble." He works in the Association's main office one day a week, greeting everyone he meets with a hearty, "Hey buddy." Joseph also helps in the woodshop at Swan Industries, making surveyor sticks and operating the saw and drills as well.

During the summer, Joseph works in the green house at Peavey Mart, keeping the plants watered. He loves the outside work and says he planned for a long time with Kelly Lagace and Linda Bonise, Association employees, to get the job. Joseph is proud of the fact that he earns a paycheck from CSO (Community Service Options).

When he isn't working, Joseph enjoys going out for coffee. Bowling is high on his list of favourite activities. Joseph shares a group home wit several roommates. He says that he keeps over one hundred hats in his room and that his "outing hat” is red and blue. Joseph enjoys his life in the residence and calls the group home “my own house.”

In addition to his busy schedule, Joseph finds the time to work at Mohawk, where he counts and prices the stock, a job he enjoys for the opportunity to learn numbers again. He admits that his memory is poor and that he is best at silent reading. Joseph would like someone to teach him how to read again.

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