Stacy Boucher

The name plate on the reception desk at Recycle Plus Fibre Division indicates that this is no ordinary office but is, in fact, the domain of “Administrative Princess” Stacy Boucher.

When Stacy started to work at the Recycle Office in 2004, co-workers noticed the many “princess” accessories on and in her vehicle and the notion took off.

Stacy started with the Association as a group home worker in October 2003. She really learned to become a team member during her time at that job because communication had to be consistent and thorough at all times. Work at the group home was intense but there were many moments of fun as well. Stacy found that to be a part of that process was rewarding despite the challenges.

She says that after she graduated with a diploma in business administration, she applied to work at the Association because “life led her in that direction in that time” and the work would be different than what she was used to.

After working in the group home for a time, Stacy felt the need for a change. She applied for a position at the bottle depot and has been working there for just over a year. Stacy says the job has changed drastically, even in that short time, and is constantly a challenge.

In a typical day Stacy deals with administrative duties, weighing trucks in and out of the Recycle yard, coordinating operations between departments and has taken on the Office Recycling program with co-worker Trudy Hodges.

Learning is a huge part of her job and Stacy says she is never bored. Humour is a part of every workday and that goes a long way to get her through the hurdles that arise.

One of the difficulties she faces is trying to overcome the “roadblocks” that come up in the course of the work. A problem in one department can impact all the others. Stacy finds that she often has to look outside her own job to try to find a solution and that can be difficult.

Past experience in the group homes has given Stacy some insight into working along with the disabled individuals who share her workday at Recycle Plus. Working with the disabled has changed her life in ways she didn’t expect.

You never stop learning when you’re with them. You think that you’re there to help them and teach them. You turn around and they’ve just blown you away. It’s awesome. You never know what to expect.
Whenever you work with anybody, whether they have mental disability or a physical disability, whether they are homeless or whatever, it’s definitely going to change your life. It’s given me the ability to look outside of myself, my own family, the way I live, everything.

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