Carol Lindsay

Carol Lindsay’s move to Grande Prairie from Wetaskiwin didn’t change her focus on the work she had been doing with the handicapped. Her eight years’ experience there included employment at a school for the severely disabled. The students were more severely handicapped than the clients she presently works with. Carol also worked with twenty-two men in a residential care centre.

With such a background, it was not long before Carol was able to find work in her field. She applied for work in the Day Programs at the Association. She was ready for the change to steady day hours rather than the varied schedule demanded by positions in Residential Services.

Carol says working with the clients every day is a highlight for her. The challenges she encounters with clients are minimal in comparison to those she faced in previous jobs. Sometimes they can “stretch her patience” but overall she likes the work.

Carol’s work at the Developmental Activity Program (DAP) sometimes involves accompanying clients on outings into the community. Her experience is that Grande Prairie is very accepting of the handicapped.

We all have problems. The handicapped are no different than anyone else. Their problems are just more visible.

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