Daily Herald Tribune Articles... 1990's

What’s Happening…It’s a decade of adjustment and growth. The Association refines Personal Planning to adapt it to long term use. The facilitation skills and principles behind Personal Planning turn out to have uses in fields as diverse as municipal planning, human services and corporate business planning. To promote these growing skills, broaden staff experience and contribute the new planning tool to the community, the Association creates a company called Janus Planning to market it.

The bottle depot moves… again. This time it’s in unison with the new recycling program, Recycle PLUS. Opportunities for employment and work experience for persons with developmental disabilities expand through the new operation. Added to these new opportunities, the Association formally establishes the Community Services Options (CSO) program to deliver a full range of support.

Residentially, the 90th Ave. residence opens as an accessible living option for elderly clients with mobility issues but the largest residential development is the rise in service delivered to people’s own apartment or home.

The Province moves to deal with its deficit and social program support stagnates until the end of the decade. Like the Province, Grande Prairie’s decade ends with the economy beginning a strong recovery.

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