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Marielin Chonkolay Van Patten
23 February 2016, 14:37

Big hugs to my big brother, hope you have a good day.
Your sister Marielin.

Mary Van Patten Chonkolay
20 November 2013, 00:09

I want to say I hope you will have a great Merry Christmas. sending love and hugs to you my big brother.
your sister allways Mary.

Murray Clark
11 February 2013, 15:30

I remember meeting George in 1981 at the Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton. We met again in 1983 at the same place. George very quickly got to be known to all my family and visitors and was accepted as one of us. I've often wondered over the years where he was and what he was doing. Glad to hear it worked out for him.

Mary Van Patten Chonkolay
24 September 2012, 21:08

Just want to say a big Hello to my brother Melvin Paul Chonkolay hope his summer was a good one . Hug's my prayers are with you allways
Love your sister. Mary

Mary (Chonkolay) Van Patten
27 June 2012, 14:51

Sending my hugs and hello to my brother.Melvin Paul Chonkolay. wishing him a good summer. hope he has a good day''
his sister Mary.

Maybe if possible a photo send to me at
Thank you for your attention
yours Mary VP

Barry Bucknell
06 June 2011, 22:55

Thanks for adding Jim to the 'Memorials' section. It's a great piece to help remember a fine man.

Mary Van Patten (Chonkolay)
16 April 2011, 21:04

Just checking Photos and saw my brother Melvins. He is 2 years older then I. I will have to come and see him some time soon. My brother Angus says they visit him some time. my wish for him is a good year. Allways in my prayers.

Liz tabor
23 February 2010, 14:32

Good morning. I was given this website to see some of the opportunities up north for jobs in my area of employment. I must say, this show wonderful training and advocating for those with challenges.
thank you for sharing.

Carolyn Walker (Hickey)
05 August 2009, 12:05

What an amazing website!! I am a former employee of this organization, so nice to see some familiar faces. Good luck in the future.. I look back on my time with the association very fondly, will always bring a smile to my face, amazing people!

Carolyn Walker (Hickey)

Patrick Sparrow
13 February 2009, 23:31

Hello Pat,

I like your web page and it looks like the Lord has blessed you with some great friends.

Patrick Sparrow
Arroyo Grande, CA
DOB 3/17

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