Nancy Isaac

Nancy Isaac was a long time resident of the 107th Ave residence, which she moved into in 1988. Her sister, Vera Robbins, says that Nancy referred to the group home as her home. “It didn’t start out that way, but when she got used to it, the group home became very special to her.”

Known as “Pretty Nancy” she required intensive care from the staff, who went so far as to check on her well being every two hours throughout the night during the stage when Nancy was very ill.

Lenora Watson, who worked with Nancy at the 107th Ave group home, says Nancy’s sisters played a very important role in her life and that she valued her very close relationship with them. Nancy loved listening to stories. Lenora noticed that even though Nancy wasn’t particularly a movie fan, she watched the movie “The Banger Sisters” with great interest. Lenora thinks the movie reminded Nancy of her relationship with her sisters.

Nancy loved group home worker Chris Robinson, who was one of several workers hired to work especially with her. Vera says that Nancy was so well taken care of “it was like God provided that place for her.”

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