Wendy Kosolofski

Wendy Kosolofski has seen a lot over her seventeen year career working with the handicapped; the good, the bad and the heartwrenching. Still, she remains dedicated to the work. Wendy came to work at the Association ten years ago, after having spent seven years as an institutional aide at Michener Centre in Red Deer.

“It’s rewarding.” Wendy says the greatest challenge to her job is dealing with the paperwork. She gets along well with the clients, and appreciates the fact that they are honest. “If they feel something, you know it.”

Wendy says difficulties belong in the past. Client “behaviours” are sometimes just the result of adjustment to medications. She knows that it’s hard for the clients, especially if they are dealing with symptoms of withdrawal. They are not always able to maintain control over their behaviour.

Wendy fears that the approach to care will eventually come full circle to the old way and that clients will receive a very different level of care if that does come to pass. She hopes that the “client-centered” level of care can be maintained. She sees that the Personal Planning approach is a great benefit to clients and would like to see that continue.

Wendy loves the fact that clients in the Association group homes are treated as individuals. “They have their own bedrooms. They have their own clothes.”

A highlight for Wendy is the fact that, as a key worker with David Furgeson, she has been able to find more jobs for him. David started out with a couple of recycling jobs in the community and now has twenty-two. Some are once a month, some are every three months, but the demand is there and his efforts are appreciated. “David and I are recognized and accepted everywhere we go.”

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