Bryan Hosker

Bryan Hosker is happy with his life at the Association. He has been living and working in Grande Prairie for the past six years, leaving his family farm near Wembley when he was twenty six years old. Bryan says he is learning new things all the time. He takes life skills training at the Association office, where he learns about manners, hygiene, respect and self-esteem.

Bryan is an avid carpenter who is also constantly learning in his job at Swan Industries. He loves to work with the tools and says he has to be very careful when working with all the equipment. Bryan would like to continue with this work and looks forward to learning more about woodworking projects, especially those involving the dremel tool. He loves to build shelving, boxes and signs.

Bryan would love to be a country and western singing star. He is very attached to the farm and visits with his parents there on weekends. He still has chores to do but gets to ride the quad as well. At Christmas, Bryan goes to the farm and “gets a lot of gifts”.

Classes at Beaverlodge Regional High School were interesting to Bryan. He says it was a good school to go to and remembers good times there. He studied art, reading, phonics, sewing, and cooking. He still likes to cook whenever he can. When he was in school Bryan’s favourite sport was basketball and he currently loves to go bowling. A longtime athlete, Bryan says wrestling is one of his favourite things to do. He is a fan of the TV series McGyver, finding it interesting to watch the problems being resolved in each episode.

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