Cherie Grace Hamm

Cherie grace Hamm was born to Henry and Irene hamm on May 11, 1981. Little did they know that their baby would have unique challenges in life. She was born blind and also had crebral palsy, and yet that didn't keep her from the zest of life with her humor and wittiness. Because her sight was gone, her memory and hearing was acute. She knew what was happening around her and saw into people's hearts. Her heart was focused on praying for whomever God laid on her heart. Her relationship with God was intimate and they had many conversations together. her limitations drew her close to God which in turn proved His trustworthiness.

Cherie loved her independence even though she did have to rely on help of others. For the last five years, she lived at Emerald Gardens by herself along with her cat. She loved her iPad and phone and would arrange various appointments and events in her life. Caregivers spent a few hours a day with her, helping her to accomplish what she needed and wanted to do. Cherie loved hugging others, connecting her heart to others and a highlight of love for her was to hug any dog! She loved to speak in front of people and share her thoughts, especially concerning God in her life.

In the last few years, her energy level decreased greatly due to congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension due to blood clots in her arteries and in her lungs. Her family was present as she breathed her last breath and she entered into the place that she had longed for, heaven! Now she is able to see Jesus' face along with all the wonders of creation and also dance with joy on the heavenly streets of gold! She will be tenderly and severely missed by all who knew her.

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