Donna Hatton

Donna Hatton listens intently to questions about her life and her past as a student at the Peace School of Hope. She stops to consider her answers and chooses her words carefully as she remembers her school days.

Donna lived in the Barrydale Dorm, which was built to accommodate the Peace School students. She remembers that there were a lot of students in the dorm but they each had their own rooms, which she really enjoyed. Donna remembers many of her teachers at the Peace School, including Barb Hofmeister, Eva Scott, Iris Pollock and Lorne McLeod.

Some of Donna’s classmates from the Peace School are still involved in her life. Deanna Toutant, Joy Rosin, Michael Eskdale, Dale McQuaig, Doug Whyte and the Thomas brothers, Gerry, Joe and Charlie, are old friends she still works and socializes with on a regular basis.

Donna was active in the Peace School Christmas concerts and sports programs. She participated in the track and field events at the Alberta Special Games in Edmonton and has traveled to participate in the Winter Games in Lethbridge with her friend and roommate Tricia Cramer. One of her special memories is the time she spent at Lloyd Olley’s bowling alley back when Lloyd opened the lanes to Peace School of Hope students on a weekly basis.

Donna moved into her current group home a year and a half ago. She is happy now that she is settled in her new home with roommates Tricia Cramer and Candace Berens. Debbie Aasen, former Residential Supervisor for the three women, describes Donna as an old soul. She lived for a time with her grandmother when she was a young girl. On the weekends Donna likes to cook, go out for coffee and to the movies. Her favourites are the action movies.

Donna keeps a very busy weekly schedule. She works at the Holiday Inn, where she polishes the cutlery and sets tables in the banquet rooms. Donna also sorts bottles at Recycle Plus. Jessie Cardinal, Donna's coworker, admires the skill she brings to her job at the bottle depot. "Donna knows the system for loading a pallet. It’s rare that she makes a mistake."

If you meet Donna at Recycle Plus you will most likely find her in workwear, but on her own time, she is quite the lady and loves to wear jewellery, especially rings and bracelets.

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